As you may already know from a previous post, I am turning 30 next year. So I have decided to make a ‘thirty before 30’ list. More of a nudge to do the things that I should do before I am 30, as well as things I would like to do. Cos sometimes, ya know, I just don’t want to adult.

1. Start saving. This is something I try to do each month, then go and find something pretty that I really ‘need’ and POOF there goes my money. I’m not even sorry.

2. Pay off my overdraft. S’what grown ups do.

3. Buy a new car. Like a new new car. Not a £300 banger to get me from A-B. I want a shiny car with fancy knobs that you have no idea what to do with and a screen to show you what radio station you are listening to.

4. Take the kids to DisneyLand. I really think they would enjoy the experience, it is totally for them and not for me at all. Who am I kidding? BECAUSE ARIEL.

5. Go to The Natural History Museum in London.

6. Lose 2.5 stone.

7. Get the tattoo’s finished on my legs.

8. Have a professional, cringy, family photo taken and hang it in my living room.

9. Get a new cat. Either a hairless Sphynx or a super fluffy Maine Coon.

10. Throw a proper, grown up dinner party for my best girls, from scratch, and drink lots of wine afterwards.

11. Write a book.

12. Do my dream job.

13. Go skuba diving.

14. Learn how to take and edit photos properly.

15. Skydive.

16. See a real Opera.

17. Have dinner in a Michelin Star restaurant. Preferably The Fat Duck.

18. Wear a bikini and feel good in it. (in public)

19. Do some voluntary work.

20. Ride on an Elephant.

21. Take a big risk.

22. Have a proper office for my writing/photo’s/general crap.

23. Build up my brand.

24. Own a real Mulberry Bayswater.

25. Start a business.

26. Make a million….or at least earn my age 😉

27. Decorate my entire house. Or move into a bigger one.

28. Travel to at least 3 new countries.

29. Buy an  Apple Mac.

30. Be a YouTuber.

So there is my list. I am gonna come back through them as time goes on and check them off when I have done them. Fingers crossed!!

What goals do you have for the next 2 years? Even if you aren’t going to be as old as me 😉