So next year I am 30.

I am torn between being really over the top excited and really, really scared. I mean yeah sure, I guess being 30 is no different to being 28. Except you have to actually start being a grown up, right?

Isn’t 30 the age where you have to start doing all the grown up stuff that you watched your parents doing when you were a child? I remember looking at my mum when I was about 9 and thinking, god you are so old. (sorry mum) But she was around my age then. Is that how my son sees me? Am I that really old, grown up person?

I can’t be, I mean Andy still nags at me for not putting my clothes away, for walking through the front door and just dropping all my stuff from the day in 1 place and refusing to look at it again until I really have to. (Probably the next day when I need it all again) Now that isn’t something a grown up does is it?

So when does it happen? Do you wake up on your 30th birthday and just be like ‘Yeah I am ready to be a grown up now, oooh look at all the stuff I can clean!’ I just can’t see it happening.

I guess if you look at my life from the outside I am kinda already a grown up, I mean I have 2 kids (one is nearly 8!) I am married, I have a good job, a car, a house…blah blah blah…. THAT DOESN’T MEAN I AM A GROWN UP.

I still feel exactly the same as I did when I was 15. I still giggle ridiculously with my bezzie about willies, I still wet myself a little every-time she makes me laugh too hard (although I guess a little more than before I had kids) I still like to curl up on the sofa with my blanket & hot water bottle (and my mum) and watch trash TV.

Okay so now I am talking about being younger I am going back to feeling terrified….

I guess the good things about being 30 are:

    1. People at work take you more seriously. For real. If you are 30 or over you clearly know more about your job then if you are in your 20’s. Even if you are 29. That 1 extra year of age really imparts so much more wisdom…NAH it’s just workplace stereotyping at it’s finest.


    1. A friend of mine called your 30’s, The Dirty 30’s. As a 40 year old guy I am assuming he is speaking from experience. 😉 Although my 20’s were pretty dirty, I’m kinda excited to see what my 30’s will bring. As i’m sure Andy will (if you are reading this babe, you have something to look forward to now)


  1. People will start to look up to you. I always used to look to 30 year olds as really wise as they have lived for soooo many years…great. I’m gonna be the wise old owl…

Okay I literally can’t find anything else that I can use to make myself better about this…impending doom. Okay okay that might be a little over the top but come on- 30 is SO DAMN OLD.

I also found my first grey hair the other week, welcome my fear of getting old!

On that note, I am going to go and buy the most expensive anti-wrinkle cream IN THE WORLD. If I have to age I sure as hell won’t look like it. Immortality here I come!