Guess who’s back, back again. Katy’s back. Tell your friends. LOL.

I have been taking some time out to reflect on my life and see where I wanted to make changes. I was feeling…brave…I guess. So I took a leap, a giant leap into the unknown. A bit like in all these thriller films where someone stands on the edge of a cliff, you think they are completely mental, and then they jump! So, obviously, that looks like great fun and a really good idea..I decided to give it a go, so I….


I handed my notice in and decided to go it alone. It is actually a bit sad, I love my job. I mean sure, there are bad days where you want to either curl up into a ball and die, or simultaneously kill everyone. But on the whole it’s a great job, my team are amazing and I have made some awesome friends. So why quit? Why be so incredibly mental? Well, I wrote a post a while ago about having a work, life balance and I had none. I was dropping the kids off at the childminders at 7.30am, getting home at 6.30pm and spending all the time in between feeling a mixture of so awful that my kids were missing out on family time and after school clubs and trapped in the thought of money and bills and OMG if I leave work how will we survive.

So in the midst of the stress and panic and fear, I sat down with Andy, made a spreadsheet (because spreadsheets are life) and realised how much I would actually have to earn if I dropped my childcare hours down to 9-3. And it was feasible….but doing what?

I have always wanted to work for myself, always wanted to be in charge of my own destiny (no you’re cheesy) and make something of myself. So I decided to do it. And it is terrifying. But in a really amazing, super exciting way. I have set up my own business, I now own a LTD company and I am officially a company director.

It feels so weird writing that, even saying that. It fills me with a massive sense of pride, fear and excitement. I am so excited to create something of my own, to be in control of my whole life and terrified it might fail. But if i don’t try, how will I know, how will I know if I can create something and make it successful, if I can have a life where my kids are happy and content, where I have a balance, maybe not the perfect balance, but a balance.

It’s funny how 1 thing can have such a knock-on effect to your entire life. I have been so tired and miserable recently that I haven’t wanted to do anything for me. I wanted to blog, but the only things I could think to write about was either a negative, moan about something and nothing, or..well just that really. But by taking this leap and making this change, I can feel the difference already. I feel empowered, positive, like a bass ass Girl Boss that can take on the world.

What have you done recently to empower yourself?

taking a leap