I never leave the house without make up, not even to nip to the local shop. Seriously it drives my husband up the wall. Now I don’t wear as much as i used to, I suppose having 2 young kids limits the amount of time in the morning to sit and preen in front of the mirror, not all the time of course 😉 but most of time.

So I thought that wearing less make up was a good thing, my husband commented on it, one of my best girlfriends told me on numerous occasions that I looked so much better with less eye make up. (I used to wear a lot of liquid eyeliner)

Then my 7-year-old son turned around to me one morning, as I was confidently getting ready for work, having a little sing-along to myself, with my minimal make up on, feeling good and said ‘Mummy you would look so much prettier if you had more make up on’

Pardon? Excuse me? You are telling me to put more make up on when I am so confidently dancing around with my nearly bare face?

This stopped me in my tracks let me tell you. See I have always trusted what my son has told me (when it comes to opinions) as, at 7, he is brutally honest. So I asked him ‘what would make me look prettier?’ I was asked to apply more eye-shadow and a red lipstick.

Where does this come from? I mean he is 7 so it can’t be social media as he isn’t allowed Facebook/Twitter etc yet… Is this something I have encouraged with my years of wearing more make up? I had to sit down and explain to him that wearing make up shouldn’t make you prettier, that it comes from the inside, you have to be a good person, a kind person and that makes you pretty. But of course I sit there with my make-up on, being completely hypocritical, I would never leave the house without it on; so how can I tell my son that you don’t need to wear make up to look pretty when that is exactly what I do?

Because I am the parent, that’s why. Because I am a grown up and he is a child and what I say goes. Because I know that being kind and a good person makes you pretty. BUT being kind to someone doesn’t even out my complexion, being a good person doesn’t make my short, blonde, invisible eyelashes, visible. Wearing make-up does. Sitting for 30 minutes in the morning in peace and quiet playing with the new brush set I brought makes me a better person. It gives me time to wake up, time to get my thoughts together for the day, time for the kids to play together. And no, I don’t think that everyone should cake it on their face on a daily basis, but not all of us are natural beauty’s, we can’t all just throw our hair up in a bun and wipe our face clean and look like we have spent hours making ourselves look glamorous. Some of us need a little helping hand and it doesn’t make you a bad person. It just makes you human.

So I guess he has learnt it from me. I suppose I just need to make sure that he knows that there is more to wearing make up, for me, than just the superficial side. And maybe I should start taking some tips from him, you never know, he might be the next Jeffree Star!

Until next time,

ColourmeKaty xxx