On my mission to achieving a happy life, I have been kicking stress’ ass like a mother. Not a mother f****r…as a mother, the definition of a strong, kick-ass woman. (Not that you can’t be a kick-ass woman without kids obvs)

I have always really struggled with stress, always letting it get on top of me and not doing anything to cope with it. But I have found some surefire ways to bring that heart rate down and not flip your lid.

Trying to take a step back and look at what causes the most stress really helps, there were things that I didn’t even realise were giving me frown lines! I am working on self-esteem at the moment, apparently, I had none. I would look at myself every day any just berate myself, thinking I look ugly, that I look fat, that I just wasn’t the person I wanted to be. And that can really impact on stress. I didn’t realise how exhausting it is to constantly put yourself down. So I have started telling myself only good things every day, even if I didn’t really believe it at first. Just saying ‘I look good today’ when I look in the mirror, rather than ‘I would look better if I were thinner’ really changes things. At first, I didn’t really believe it, but the more you say it, the more you start to believe it.

I always thought that I would only like myself if I were thinner, have a nose job, tummy tuck etc, but I realised the other day, that if I don’t love myself now, that won’t change if I lose weight (or do any of the other points on my long list of things I want to change).

Another change I have made, to really kick stress’ ass, is my sleep routine. It is so important to get a good night’s sleep. Trust me, I am the bitch from hell when I’m tired, just ask Andy.

I used to watch Netflix in bed…for hours, and I just couldn’t sleep at a normal time. My bed was just an extension of the sofa and I think, subconsciously, it hindered my ability to sleep. Well, probably not that subconsciously. So I started to turn off the TV when I went to bed. I started a new routine. (Encompassing my ever-growing need to look after myself, anti-wrinkle night cream!)

I turn off the TV, take my make-up off, put my new Harry Potter PJ’s on and snuggle into my new FAVE pillow. I never thought that I would like a memory foam pillow, it took me MONTHS to get used to Andy’s memory foam mattress when we first moved in together and merged furniture, but this pillow is like sleeping on a cloud. I am a huge pillow lover and I have been looking for the perfect pillow for years. I think I have finally found it. This Panda Life Pillow is what dreams are made of, quite literally. The really lovely thing about this company is that they donate $1 from every pillow sale to WWF, helping to preserve wild Pandas at risk – which makes me feel all warm inside. AND it has this adorable little Panda face in the top corner.

Getting a better night’s sleep and taking steps to love myself has really helped, I feel lighter almost, not quite stress-free, I am still a parent and nothing can combat that life stress. But making small changes and taking little steps to eliminate the stress you can control, really makes a difference.

What helps you to combat stress?


kicking stress

kicking stress


** This is a sponsored post, but all pillow love and restful nights are completely my own **