This week had been full of fave new things, so I thought I would share them with you. I am thinking of doing this as a weekly thing…give this blog a bit of structure 😉
So these posts will be a mixture of something I have bought that I LOVE, something I have seen, read or experienced.

1. I had a Primark Haul on Saturday, if you follow me on Twitter you would have seen the obscene amount of money I spent….but hey ho, got some awesome bits and pieces so C’est la Vie! One of those nifty little purchases was this ear cuff.


Personally, I think this is super cool. I am wearing it today at a conference in London. It adds a little quirk to a formal outfit. A friend told me I look a bit like a robot wearing it, but that’s the great thing about fashion, what looks robotic on one person looks hella cool on another.
2. My next fave is a book I brought on my Saturday shopping spree. It has been ages since I have read a good book. I just don’t seem to find the time at the moment. So I took some time for myself this week and get snuggled down with this one.
IMG_20160202_225007 (1)
I was so entrapped by this book that I have severe sleep deprivation! It was such an enthralling read. I won’t spoil it for any of you that want to give it a go. But if you enjoy girly books that are so easy to read and grip you from the beginning then I suggest you give it a try.
3. This one isn’t something I brought, technically. This week I figured out how to set up my new email address and am now the proud owner of Not a big deal I know, but to me, it is. It makes me feel more professional and teamed with my new look blog, I feel like the dogs bollocks!
4. I have been in DESPERATE need of a new handbag. I broke my fave one the other week… sob.. and have resorted to my old, scruffy red number. Not a good look. So I treated myself to this little beauty. Now I wouldn’t normally buy a blue bag. I’m a monochrome girl at heart. But this is just to die for.
Bag from Peacocks
I am so in love with this handbag. It is so classic and beautiful and big enough for my enormous diary and planner (as well as everything else!) Seriously if you’re looking for a new bag- take a look. At £22, it’s a bargain.
5. I have been eyeing up capes recently. They all look so snuggly and warm and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be able to wear a blanket outside the house? So of course, when I saw this beaut of a cape for only £9 it went straight into my basket.
Cape from Peacocks
It is literally a blanket, cleverly designed as a piece of outerwear that just envelopes you in fashion, warmth and cuddles. I mean c’mon…you gotta own one of these!
There have been SO many faves this week I have had to narrow it down a bit, but these are the top 5. It has been so long since I did any proper shopping that my first Friday fave is a little shopping centered, but hey these have made me happy!
What has been your fave thing this week?