So I have been really struggling recently to find a good balance. Since I started really getting into blogging it has taken over my life. You don’t realise how much time it takes up! I saw all these amazing bloggers sending out posts everyday and was like Yeah that looks easy, how hard can it be? Honest answer: SO HARD

You literally have to do a gazzilion job roles, all by yourself. Writer, photographer, marketer, proof-reader, critique, brainstormer, techie…the list goes on! Now when you are not trained in any 1 of these jobs it seems so much harder. I am constantly scouring the internet for tip and hints on how to take a better photo, what to use to edit, what to write about, how to fix your website when something goes wrong. It is so time-consuming.

Throw in 2 young kids, a full time job and a husband and PUFF, there goes any spare time and along come grey hairs. What is that even about? I am so not old enough for that yet.

Don’t get me wrong, I am LOVING blogging. Like serious love. I am meeting some amazingly talented and smart people, I get to be completely in control of something and it is all me. No-one else can take credit for it.

But when you have so many other pieces of your pie of life, it gets tiring!

I have started to organise my time a lot more. Having designated times of the day for certain things really helps. (It doesn’t help when an AWESOME blogger chat appears on Twitter right in the middle of husband time- SOZ Andy)

My diary has literally become my new lifeline. I have no idea how I would get through the day without it. Another February purchase of mine is the totally beautiful Bloggers Planner. I don’t even care how poor I will be in Feb, I will be surrounded by such pretty things. <3

I’m serious about scheduling though, if I don’t, then nothing will get done. Netflix will capture me, 90210 ALL SERIES HELLO, and that will be my evening done.

It is literally the only way I can make sure my time is divided properly, the last thing I want is to neglect time with my kiddiewinkles or hubby because I can’t pry myself away from Twitter or writing a new post. Not cool man.

So I am making sure that I am, AT LEAST, 1 day ahead of myself with scheduled posts, sometimes 2 if i’m feeling especially full of ideas.

Any help would be great though, all you blogger friends, or my outside of blogging friends, if you have any ideas or suggestions of posts you would like me to write about- just drop me a line!