So I am broke. January SUCKS! Majorly.

Instead of actually buying anything as my bank balance (and husband) would shout at me, I have been window shopping. It is my least favourite kind and I can’t snuggle my face into the screen and sniff the heavenly smells of new fabrics…but it will have to do.

I have a new fave outfit that is going on my pay-day must have list. Along with a LOT of other things, but since losing weight I seem to have re-kindled my love of beautiful clothes.

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Coat from River Island / Shirt from River Island / Jeans from New Look / Boots from River Island / Bag from River Island

Yes I know, I clearly scoured River Island for hours…you are correct. I never used to be able to fit in their clothes, I would wander around the shop looking longingly at their beautiful fabrics, whilst cramming a Starbucks cinnamon roll in my mouth, and wishing I could wear their fashionable, stunning items. And now I can. So yeah, I am obsessing a little bit over these delights- so sue me.

None of my jeans fit me anymore, they are all huge on me and give me that Oh So unattractive saggy bum look. Seriously, it is not flattering. I saw these classic black jeans on a friend of mine recently and knew I needed to have them. Who can live without the black skinny’s? Not me that’s for sure.

Recently I have been talking a lot to my hubby about my dress sense. Yes he LOVES these conversations 😉

I decided it was time to grow up a little bit, part of me is desperate to stay young forever, but walking around my sons school and mingling with the other parents, I thought it was time to change it up a bit. My obsession with clothes having skulls, bows or low neck lines has to end. I am not a teenager anymore, no matter how hard I try.

It was like a time when I was 14, the sudden realisation that everyone is growing up around you and you are stuck in your childhood, not maturing. I was playing outside with my next door neighbour. Wearing my FAVOURITE Pokemon t-shirt and clambering up the slide as the grass was lava. Obviously. One of my school friends came down my drive to see if I wanted to go to the park. Not to play on the slide. She was wearing heels, boot-cut jeans, a crop top and the new Morgan bag. Remember Morgan bags? They were THE handbag to have. The smaller the better, who needed to fit school books into your bag when you were the epitome of fashionable?

I was sweaty and flustered, looking up at this girl who was 3 days younger than me and it hit me. I needed to grow up if I were to survive school. I couldn’t be seen dressed like that anymore.

And that was my turning point, similar to the school run the other week. All the parents looked like grown ups. Even my friend who is only a year older than me. And there I was stood there in my old jeans, cheap, fake Uggs and a slouchy hoodie, feeling completely inadequate.

So February is the beginning of the new me. I am going to allow myself nice, new clothes. I know it seems shallow but as a girl, fashion has a way of making you feel so much better about yourself. That feeling when you see an outfit, try it on AND IT LOOKS GOOD is just indescribable. Come on girls you know what I’m talking about 😉

This is my first outfit of the new me. And I am SO excited to buy it. Come on February, hurry up on get here! Momma’s got shopping to do!