I’ve been trying to write this post for ages now, but Love Island is just too distracting… concentrate Katy, stop looking at all these half naked, tanned men….

Okay i’m back in the room.

So I was pulling my hair out the other day, completely stressed and fed up and at my wits end worrying about money. That big ole life issue that so many of us crap our pants over pretty much every day.

I had done my monthly financial Google sheet with all our incomings and outgoings and sobbed into my lukewarm cup of tea (yes parents you will feel my pain here) because I wanted to have more left over after bills. Because the measly amount we are left with wouldn’t cover the family holiday we have coming up in July…sob.

Then oh hello here I am on a downwards spiral of just how hard life is. It is so easy to get completely swallowed up in the banality and routine and just plain shittiness that comes with adult life. Literally there are some mornings (ahem…most) when I pray to god that I could just go back to my 18 year old self and tell her to chill the hell out, stop stressing that the current beau doesn’t text back, stop putting so much pressure on herself and just enjoy the freedom.

I swear no-one ever tells you how hard adulting is.

There are moments when I question where I am, why don’t I own a house yet? Why don’t I have savings?  I look at some of my friends, compare my life to them, to people I see on Facebook or on the internet and feel like i’m lagging behind. But that gets you no-where. Literally no-where.

But in the middle of the wallowing I thought about the past few years. The shit that we have gone through as a family and the shit that people around me have gone through and I thought why? Why am I so worried and stressed about our current situation when we have been through and survived, so much worse. We have had a lot less money and we are still here. We still managed to keep a roof over our heads, still managed to feed the kids and we came out the other side wiser, better at managing money and with a few grey hairs.

They say that these things are sent to challenge you, to make you stronger and they really have. They have made me realise that yes, some parts of life are boring, some parts are really hard, but there are so many more parts that are amazing. Whether that is a new job, a good school report from your kids, or just the hubby making you dinner without having to ask him.

So take a step back from whatever it is that is stressing you out. Look at how far YOU have come. Look at what you have achieved and enjoy it.

Life isn’t about following the people around you and doing the same as everyone else. It is about living your life the way you want it. It’s about doing the very best you can do and being happy with the results. It is about appreciating the little things and surrounding yourself with the best people you can and making incredible memories with them.

We have come so far and things can only get better. High Five to us!