So I was going to write a post about ‘A day in the life of a working mum’ but as I was thinking about the title it really Pissed. Me. Off. The term ‘working mum’ errrm hello..yes I chose to have kids, but I am still Katy who always worked before she had kids…so why do I need a label on my life choices now? Why do I have to make sure people know I am a ‘working’ mum?

Why is it only mum’s that are given this label? Andy is a working father. But he is just known as Andy, who goes to work and has kids. What is that all about? Have you ever seen dad’s on Facebook with their job role as ‘stay at home daddy’ or ‘working dad’ because I haven’t. The term ‘working dad’ doesn’t even exist.

It really grinds my gears *insert Peter Griffin chuckle* that once you have kids you seem to just become ‘mummy.’ Yes having kids is one of the best things in life, but it does not completely define you. I am still Katy, I am a person that works, that loves, that laughs at inappropriate jokes, that is obsessed with Harry Potter…

Anyone who has had kids knows that it’s hard WORK. Like really tough. So why do we have to give all the credit to the ‘working mums’  We see someone who is a mother, at work all day and we think YES there goes a good woman with strong morals! But what about the mothers who chose to stay at home? Where is their shoutout? Seriously, I had my 1-year maternity and decided to stay at home with Scarlett to be a stay at home mum and do a few evening shifts at a pub. It lasted 2 months before I was on my hands and knees, begging my employer to take me back. Because being a mum who goes to work all day is a hell of a lot easier than looking after the kids all day!

Now there will be some of you super mums out there who love it, who embrace every single second of being a stay-at-home mum. I salute you, I really do take my hat off to you. I have absolutely no idea how you do it and still stay sane. You must literally be a miracle sent from heaven. I am not exaggerating, it was quite possible the hardest thing I have ever done.

So in future, if you are going to call me a ‘working mum’, don’t. Just call me Katy 😉