We went pumpkin picking yesterday. Yep, we went to pick pumpkins, in a field. I literally had no idea this was a ‘thing’. I know you can go strawberry¬†picking. blackberry picking and probably more fruit picking, but never pumpkin picking! I started to see all these pictures on Facebook of all my mummy friends going pumpkin picking near where we live and just KNEW we needed to experience it for ourselves. (I am aware that I am probably 12949593 years behind the times and this is probably a normal thing, but I always bought my pumpkins from Asda!)

So after a few hours in town, sorting out a phone for Andy that actually works and eating THE BEST cheese toasties I have ever found, (sour dough¬†bread, stilton and pickle, OMGGGGG), off we went to Maxey’s Farm to go scavenge us some pumpkins.


There was a ‘spooky’ trail through the woods, filled with skeletons. spiders, witches and cobwebs. I say spooky pretty loosely as even Scarlett wasn’t the slightest bit unnerved…but it was so much fun. The kids raced around finding all the horrors on their own little treasure hunt whilst I played with my mum’s DSLR camera that I have ‘adopted’ for the foreseeable.








If any of you get the opportunity to pick pumpkins for yourself, I would really recommend it!


Have you been pumpkin picking before?