autumnal makeup

autumnal makeup

Happy Wednesday you lovely little pumpkins.

I’m writing this on Sunday, yes I am organised and scheduled and look at me being a grown up and stuff, sat with a full face of makeup and no-where to go. I’m about to start making our Sunday dinner of dreams all dolled up. Oh, the glamorous life of a blogger!

As you may have noticed, I LOVE this time of the year. And I have found the PERFECT makeup to go with my love of all things brown, gold and shimmery. Dun Dun Durrrrrrn….

The MUA range of pearl eyeshadows and matte lipsticks and they just go so well with my Autumnal vibes.  (Yes, I did just say vibes. Yes I am that cool.)

I really don’t understand why so many people spend so much money on eyeshadows. Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup as much as the next girl. But I also enjoy a good bargain (and having money for important things like wine and food) These eyeshadows are £1 each. Yes, 1 whole pound.

The pigmentation and quality of these are just unreal. I would say that they easily rival any of the more expensive eyeshadows. And at a fraction of the cost. It is seriously easy to apply, I used the makeup brushes from Primark (can you tell I love a bargain?) and they just sweep onto the eyelid with minimum effort.


I have paired it with the matte lipstick in Wild Berry. It is a lot darker than I would normally wear, but I am getting some serious autumn feels with this. I think with dark hair it is easy to go from ‘classy autumn’ to ‘gothic’ in one fail lipstick swoop, but I think this is a really nice balance.


I normally struggle with matte lipsticks, after a while they seem to go really dry and make my lips look chapped, but this matte stayed perfectly. There was no ‘over drying’, it wasn’t too wet and even better – I could kiss Andy without it coming off all over his face! (He loved my testing that out!)

I am seriously loving MUA at the moment, they are incredible value for money and the makeup is just perfection! What makeup bargains have you found recently?


autumnal makeup

autumnal makeup