Hey Guys,

So I know I haven’t written much recently. I am sorry about that but I have had some personal things that I needed to take care of.
If I am honest, everyday I have wanted to write something, but I just couldn’t get the words out. Sometimes when your thoughts don’t make sense in your head it probably isn’t a good idea to put them online. Especially when your family is concerned.

But I am back, everything is (pretty much) sorted now and my head is 1000% clearer than it was 3 weeks ago. Thank god! It was one of those times when you just think, would it be better to just commit myself right now? Would it make everyone happier around me if I just left. Just walked away and stop causing the hurt to the ones I love.

The answer is NO. Of course it isn’t. But sometimes it seems like the best option, the only option. I asked myself numerous times ‘Would everyone just be happier if I wasn’t around?’ I realised that this (in my situation) was the cowards way out. It was not the best option, just the easiest. It would mean that I wouldn’t have to face the reality of my situation, I wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences and I wouldn’t have to take responsibility for my actions.

But here we are. Thankfully still all together, still alive and getting back to being happy! So I have decided to make a list of 2016 promises. Not goals or resolutions. These are things that I promise to do in 2016 to ensure mine and my families happiness. (and sanity!)

    1. I promise to appreciate what I have.


    1. I promise to kiss my husband everyday. (properly kiss, none of that silly peck on the cheek rubbish)


    1. I promise to try to see the positive in a situation rather than dwell on the negative.


    1. I promise to blog more often.


    1. I promise to try not to react so quickly and irrationally to a situation and actually think before I speak.


    1. I promise to make time to spend with my husband, proper quality time together.


    1. I promise to try to be more romantic. (I am terrible!)


    1. I promise to be a good role model for my kids.


    1. I promise that I will get so much better with my pictures on my blog 😉


  1. I promise that my family will be happy and we will laugh everyday.

So there we go, 10 things that I promise will happen this year. Maybe I should ask my husband to guest blog in a few months to see if I have stuck to these? Ha! dangerous territory!

Until next time,