As promised, I have had a look through my previous post, 30 before Thirty and as I suspected, there are things on there that are…unachievable and some that I actually don’t want to do. Be a YouTuber? Nah, not for me. Kudos to the people that do, but this little blogger aint coming off the page and onto your screens any time soon.

So here we go, step 2 to finding myself.

  1. Write a book. This was on my last list and this still stands, I would love to write a book, even if it doesn’t get seen by any eyes apart from my own.
  2. Watch all Harry Potter films, back to back, with only breaks for snacks, prosecco and the odd toilet trip.
  3. Visit 1 country I have never been to. Previously I put 3, I think that is a little optimistic, so I will be happy with 1.
  4. Start to learn something new. I’m not sure what that is yet, maybe a language or a new skill? Ideas on a postcard peeps! (Yes I said peeps and no I don’t care what you think, new me an all that!)
  5. Learn how to use photoshop properly (oooh maybe that could be number 4?)
  6. Take my kids on holiday, or at least put a deposit on a holiday and have it booked.
  7. Do something really good, like volunteer for something or help someone less fortunate.
  8. Start doing more exercise. Like a proper routine that I follow, nothing extreme or fancy. Even just go for a run once a week.
  9. To know myself 100%
  10. A hobby (that doesn’t involve a computer) Maybe Karate or Yoga or bird watching? LOLZ, not bird watching.
  11. Try more new recipes.
  12. To cook a 3-course dinner for my lovely girlfriends, followed by wine and games. Who doesn’t love a good board game? And yes I have Harry Potter AND Disney trivial pursuit. You wanna come don’t ya?
  13. Go to some blogger meet-ups and actually interact face to face with some of the lovely people that I speak to from this community.
  14. Get a new tattoo.
  15. I want my hair to be blonde and not a slightly odd strawberry blonde colour.
  16. To have started saving to buy a house.
  17. To go to Harry Potter Studios in London…again.
  18. To buy the Harry Potter bed covers that I saw on Instagram today.
  19. I want to get a new obsession, is Harry Potter too immature for a 30-year-old? Don’t be silly. HPFL.
  20. To stay up all night with Andy, drinking wine, playing board games and giggling. (in our underwear Andy if that makes it more appealing for you)
  21. I want to re-read some childhood favourite books, The Magic Faraway Tree, The Wishing Chair, Narnia….
  22. To paint the living room, bathroom and bedroom.
  23. I want to get a new piercing.
  24. Make a new spreadsheet for my monthly incomings/outgoings. (Exciting I know)
  25. Take the kids to a theme park in the UK.
  26. Buy a new wardrobe. Not an actual wardrobe. Alll the clothes. Mine are so old and scruffy and really….not me.
  27. Buy a coffee machine.
  28. Stop eating dairy. Completely.
  29. Get some contact lenses.
  30. Relieve myself of all the pressure I put on myself, learn to love myself and chill out more.

There we have it. My 30 before Thirty – revamped! I think these are achievable, I could use some suggestions from you guys for a few!

Love you all.