I found a…challenge(?) on Pinterest the other day that is all about sharing, embracing and discovering yourself for 30 days and I thought that this would fit perfectly with my ‘getting to know myself’ journey. I’m hoping I can keep it up every day for 30 days; Andy is going to San Fran on Tuesday for a week *sob* so I am hoping that frees up a bit of time for me to write and schedule a load of posts (whilst trying not to die of jealousy)

So, the first thing on the list is: Post a photo of you and share 15 interesting facts about yourself. (Not entirely sure there are 15 interesting things about me but here goes…)

30 DAYS OF METhis is probably the most recent photo of me that I have. I struggle with self-confidence so I don’t really take a lot of photos of myself. I used to take LOADS of selfies, but I was told that none of them actually look like me so I stopped…something I need to work on.

Here are my 15 interesting (I’m using interesting very loosely here) facts:

  1. I used to be a body piercer.
  2.  I own a business.
  3. I used to live in New Zealand.
  4. I make a mean Tiramisu.
  5. I used to play the Saxophone and I own a turquoise one.
  6. I was once told I have a million dollar smile (Andy think’s it’s hilarious)
  7. I started University 3 times and still don’t have a degree.
  8. I could do the Haka when I was younger.
  9. I was born on the Isle of Man.
  10. I can ski, pretty well. I have skied down a black slope before (the hardest slope)
  11. I don’t really like baths. I really try to, but it’s just a bit gross.
  12. I have a really addictive personality and have to be really careful!
  13. I love anything zombie related, films/tv/books…
  14. I think a zombie apocalypse could happen.
  15. It took me an entire day to think of these facts, I am really not that interesting LOL.

I think the aim of this is probably to realise you are more interesting than you think. I’m not entirely sure it worked if I’m honest, but there are things on there I don’t think of when I talk about myself. It does show that I really want to do more things with my life, maybe get some new hobbies and travel more. Andy and I have been talking a lot about traveling recently, we agreed that once we have bought our house (2 and a half years of our 3-year plan to go) we are going to go to at least 1 new country a year with the kids. Even if we just go to different countries in Europe, we just want to see the world and introduce our kids to new cultures.

Anyway, completely going off track here… Try to write down 15 interesting facts about yourself, especially if you are having a down day; it may cheer you up or show you something you want to change!