1. Sun-in hair spray. Because you just weren’t a real blonde without the odour of Lemon and a tinge of orange.
  2. Morgan handbags. J’adore Morgan. J’adore only being able to fit a pack of fags, a pen and a rolled up school book.
  3. The only sports wear you would be seen dead in was a pair of Adidas poppers and a Kappa hoodie.
  4. And if you weren’t in them then you we wearing your trouser skirt. Because fashion.
  5. Taping your music off the radio to listen on your Walkman. And always just missing the end of the song so you have to listen to the radio presenter.
  6. Moving up in the world to your CD Walkman and realising that ‘anti-skip’ was the biggest lie you have ever been told.
  7. Knowing a dance routine to Steps or B*Witched, or both if you were super cool. Blame it on the weatherman…
  8. Wearing so many shag bands you couldn’t see your forearm. And trying to play it cool when the boy you fancied snapped one. YOU HAVE TO SHAG ME NOW!
  9. MSN was life. Logging in and out to get ‘that’ boys attention. Nudging your bestie when they don’t reply so it shakes their entire screen. Taking a painful amount of time to decide which heartfelt yet subtle song lyric would become your screen name.
  10. Your mum FINALLY lets you get those high heel kickers you have been dreaming about your entire life. Your status points at school just went up a level.
  11. You attend at least 1 school disco wearing a dragon vest top.
  12. Everything in your room is covered in glitter from the insanely awesome hair glitter you have just used. Now you are ready to party.
  13. Your are 110% sure that your beanie baby collection will be worth millions in just a few years.
  14. Point Horror books are your thang. Goosebumps are soooo uncool ya know.
  15. You got 99% of your make-up from ‘Shout’ magazine.
  16. Blue eye-shadow was made you look sexy. And seriously grown up. And not at all moronic.
  17. You owned at least 1 mood ring. Because how do you know your emotions if they aren’t displayed through jewellery?
  18. Having either super slick hair, which takes a can of hairspray, 2 cans of mousse, a comb and a scrunchie. With the 2 chav-tastic strands pulled out at the front OR
  19. That zig-zig hair band.
  20. And for the boys of the 90’s, the spiked fringe secured with a can of hairspray.