There is so much negativity going on at the moment, so many famous, inspiring people have died, there is so much crap going on in the world; so I thought I would spend a bit of time reflecting on the things that make me happy at the moment.

    1. Spending the weekend with my hubby, blogging, snuggling and generally slobbing out while the kiddies were at their nannies.


    1. Being more proactive at work. Boring I know, but it is so easy to become reactive in the work place. This month I have made an effort to change that and it has been so empowering!


    1. Blogging more. Some of my promises in an earlier post, which you can read here, were to blog more regularly and to get better with my pictures. I feel like I am making good progress here, I mean did you see the pictures on my last post? Pretty damn good compared to my earlier phone snaps if you ask me! I have also set aside some time to write a few blogs and set them to publish at certain times. Organised or what?!


    1. Things have changed so much with my hubby in the last 2 weeks. It’s like we have gone a full 360 and we are right back to our happy, honeymoon phase that you have at the beginning of a relationship. It’s crazy what a bit of open communication can do!


    1. My kids. This is an easy one. They make me smile every day. Not all day- when Scarlett thinks it’s a super great idea to empty an ENTIRE tube of toothpaste into our sink, block the plughole and then made a bath of minty water to splash over the bathroom, that does not make me smile. But on the whole- yeah they’re great kids. It’s one of the best things in life to see their little faces when you get home from work and they are happy to see you.


    1. Losing weight. This is such a big thing for me, for years I spent hours staring longingly at my skinny friends and wishing I could look as good as them, but did I get my fat ass off the sofa and do something about it? Nah, that would have involved effort and who want’s to do that when the sofa is so damn comfy. Well apparently now I do, yeah me..weird right?


    1. Vanilla scented candles. Yes, I know this one isn’t all meaningful and thought provoking, but who cares? I bloody love them! I currently only have a cheap vanilla candle from Home Bargains, but for 89p they are amazing!


    1. Winter pajamas. There is literally nothing better than putting on your new, fleecy winter jamas and snuggling down with a blanket and a good brew. (Deffo currently sat in this exact attire)


    1. Costa coffee syrups. A girl at work left loads of them in the kitchen (they were free for all, I didn’t just steal them) and OH MY LORD they are so good. Vanilla, hazelnut, gingerbread….Mmmmmm. Probably not that good for you but I DON’T CARE. Give me them all now.


  1. My new hair cut. I had like 5 inches taken off the bottom and it is so light now! I have the thickest hair ever, seriously it’s like a lion’s mane at times. It takes like half the time to dry it now AND I’m saving money on shampoo&conditioner. Bonus!

What has made you happy recently? Let’s spread a bit of positivity around 🙂